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The advantages of e-commerce for Equestrian businesses

With the move to online purchasing moving at a lightning speed, the need to embrace this online push within your own business can appear daunting at best and impossible at worst.

However help is at hand to effectively manage this transition and also offer simple, user friendly and affordable solutions to take the physical to digital.

All equestrian businesses can truly benefit from the ability to sell their product ranges online as well as in traditional bricks and mortar or trade show settings.

With the advent of such e commerce providers as Shopify and WooCommerce, the time required and money needed to make that push is now at a minimum.

Some of the advantages or adding or expanding this online marketplace are as follows:

1. Fewer Costs

Without the physical storefront and its business rates, utility bills etc, the costs will be reduced and you can increase your marketing spend to truly sell your product(s).

2. Tracking of Visitors

The advent of tools such as Google Analytics allows e commerce providers to clearly see exactly how many visitors their store is getting, what products are most popular, what may be putting them off and whereabouts in the country they hail from.

All elements that are almost impossible to track in physical stores or trade stands.

3. Search Engines

Something we all probably use a dozen times on a daily basis via our mobile phones and computers, the ability to ‘google’ something we have a need for and be presented with the most relevant result.

We can effectively bring prospective customers straight to your online door via effective ranking in search engines and enabling pairing of customers with a need for a product you sell with your website.

4. Social Media

Truly is the most influential marketing tool and the ability for all including your friends and family to share products they have purchased with like-minded individuals and groups online via social media is a extremely profitable avenue.

A blog post you may write on your store or a instructional product video could be shared and shared again with like-minded equestrians to receive the ultimate awareness and coverage.

5. Inventory Management

Tools provided free of charge with such platforms as Shopify and WooCommerce will allow amazing inventory management of all your stock and powerful forecasting to enable you to see the bigger picture and anticipate areas of growth for certain product lines.

6. Customer Communication

It can be difficult and extremely time consuming to build up relationships with your customers in a physical store which will result in them continuing their awareness of your products and offers.

However online allows the ability to collect email addresses to send across offers they may be interested in, newsletters and also provide vital information on their orders.

7. Build those reviews

The ability to garner feedback from customers and highlight this, is made extremely simple on online platforms, such areas as TrustPilot, Google reviews and facebook allow customers to leave reviews and feedbacks, allowing your reputation to grow instantly.

If you have a product or product(s) you would like to start marketing and selling online, then please get in touch to discuss just how EQUI DIGITAL can talk you through the best solution for you.

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