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New website launch alert!

Most recently Equi Digital Ltd here have been working on something a little different and now are excited to announce the launch of our first website of 2019…www.biteback4chantelle.com

I was approached towards the end of last year to assist Chantelle Lewis with a new fundraising campaign she is launching to raise vital funds for treatment required for chronic Lyme disease.

Chantelle has a fairly successful social media presence and has previously appeared in various media articles to discuss her battle with Lyme disease.

As part of the new fundraising cycle which was to begin in the early part of 2019, she really wanted a brand new web presence to go along with it, which would act not only as an effective link for people to make donations, but also a real informational hub in regards to Lyme disease, ticks, treatment and diagnosis.

I worked alongside Chantelle to ensure the colour schemes, personality flourishes and also aspects of her logo were incorporated into the new website.

As part of the discovery and scoping process, I suggested that Chantelle write an informational PDF which could offered as a takeaway download to visitors to her website, which Chantelle agreed was a great idea and we went ahead and implemented.

The website incorporates a full desktop and mobile responsive presence and includes lots of imagery which was important to get across the suffering Chantelle has had with Lyme disease but also show her personality and perseverance.

CTA buttons to ‘donate’ are prominently displayed across the website and available quickly and easily from each page.

The ‘What is Lyme disease’ page was the greatest challenge, as there was a great deal of text needed to provide the information needed.

I added anchor links with break out menu items, as well as graphic art, block colour tables and imagery to ensure the user journey was one which would remain attentive to the detail on the page.

The media page, incorporates embedded video and podcasts and allows a real interactive user journey to hear and see the battle Chantelle faces on a much more visual level.

I also embedded content from her existing Wordpress blog, which it was vitally important to prominently feature along with a contact us page, newsletter popup to encourage subscribers and that all important fundraising page.

Initial results following launch have been very exciting, a massive 4x donation increase, along with increased traffic and multiple subscribers.

I will continue to monitor the analytics of the website in the next few months and will work alongside Chantelle to add email marketing using MailChimp and make any tweaks we see necessary.

Visit the website and donate at www.biteback4chantelle.com

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