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Fence Judge & Volunteer Training with British Eventing

Yesterday (January 28th), I was lucky enough to attend a full day of Fence Judge and Volunteer training provided by British Eventing.

The day was held at Keysoe College Equestrian in Bedfordshire and had attracted a full room of approximately 40 participants.

A lovely sunny (but cold) January day at Keysoe College Equestrian, Beds.

We all gathered at the centre for 11am and firstly (and very importantly) made ourselves comfortable with a hot drink (caffeine always needed) and then the presentation began.

The main speaker was David Merrett, a highly experienced British Eventing Technical Advisor of over 30 years experience in the industry.

The presentation was informative, but the real bonus was listening to David’s animated discussion of the points raised, he was both highly experienced but also clear, personable and had a great sense of humour.

He was aided throughout the day by Serena Greenwell who is regional development officer for the East of England and Julie, a highly experienced cross country controller/commentator for the east of England.

The course covered such subjects as the variety of roles offered to volunteers, but particularly focused on fence judging and the rules and regulations surrounding this role, as well as rule changes (BE) for 2019.

Many of the attendee(s) appeared to be experienced fence judges with many seasons already under their belt, however they really appeared to value the opportunity to ask questions and also tell their own anecdotes of events past.

A lunch was provided and I was able to spend the refreshment break chatting with cross country controller Julie, I had expressed an interest in sitting in on an event with her and her team of controllers/plotters/commentators as they are currently well in need of training up some additional support in this area for the coming seasons.

The day ended approximately 3.30pm with a round of applause for David, Julie and Serena and we all left with hand out materials, a quiz to take home and a certificate of attendance.

Handouts, Quiz and Certificate from the training day.

I am truly excited to volunteer at my first event of the season and fingers crossed also get the opportunity to shadow the cross country controllers at some point also.

If you are a supporter of the sport, I recommend if you can spare some time that volunteering for British Eventing can be a really effective way to become a part of the sport we love and also assist to ensure they can carry on running.

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