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The Equestrian Digital Landscape and the top 4 trends to embrace in 2019

As the digital word is ever changing and we find ourselves moving into the very early part of 2019, here at EQUI DIGITAL we decided to have a review of some of the key digital trends we can see really taking off in 2019 and their possible application to the equestrian business world.

1. The rise of the voice

With the advent and surge in popularity of such items as the Amazon Echo and our computers, phones and smart TV’s allowing us to provide instructions by voice, it is only a matter of time before we see this technology embraced by the equestrian world.

Possible applications we can see voice activation truly being of service, include apps, similar to the FitBit which can be voice controlled from the back of your horse, monitoring fitness levels and such, as well as in it’s more basic form, ensuring that our digital advertisements and website copy is written in the manner that it would be spoken.

"Clear, concise...less is more!"

2. Chatbots and Instant Live Chat

We have all been on those websites which allow us to start a chat online with a member of their customer service team to answer any questions we have (with varying levels of success!).

However the advantages of applying a live chat function to your website is great, many people find picking up the phone rather intimidating and are also worried an email sent may be lost within the sea of correspondence all businesses receive, therefore the opportunity to engage immediately with a real staff member at the other end of the chat window to answer questions or book services can be extremely enticing.

With the vast majority of small equestrian businesses being very outside focused and extremely busy, it can also allow a quick and easy way to communicate via mobile device when ‘out and about’ and times/days of availability can be easily set.

3. Video, Video, Video

Video is really the king of marketing and has been proven throughout 2018 to be the most successful form of marketing content to engage with audiences.

Lets face it, the average attention span online is short when there is so much going on and it is a lot easier to click ‘play’ on a short video than read or trawl through entire blog posts (like this one!)

Video can easily and cheaply be incorporated into both your website, advertising and social media channels and could include, product demo(s), live streams of local events, vlog content, instructional and the more standard video advertisement of your services.

HubSpot have already indicated that just by adding a video to an email, increases the changes of the consumer clicking through on that email by 200-300 % and adding a video to your website can increase engagement by a staggering 80%.

4. AR and VR

We all saw how Pokemon Go took off a few years ago and whilst this was a passing fad, the technology employed through AR (or Augmented Reality) really is here to stay.

Imagine an app on your phone where you can instantly review how tack and rugs will look and fit on your horse as well as to assist with your position when riding.

VR (Virtual Reality) requires the use of a VR headset, however with the release of entry level VR headsets, such as the Oculus Go (from £199 RRP), this is more affordable than ever.

Business applications in the equestrian world for VR are limitless, imagine experiencing Badminton cross-country via a 360 immersive VR experience or learning how to bandage a horse or perform other stable management duties via VR learning.

"The possibilities truly are endless!"

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